Since working with Shannon I have more clarity, more direction and more of a sense of what I need to do to be successful. After we met, I restructured my entire way of doing things to be less self-indulgent and more client oriented and I began to think like a business person, not a hobbyist. She was perceptive in picking up what I was saying even when I didn’t know I was saying it. She understood my idea and helped me turn it into a reality. You made me ask myself questions I wouldn’t otherwise have asked and the answers have been invaluable. My business, Second Breakfast is now targeting her audience and selling to them. Thank you for helping me see which way to turn when I felt trapped in a maze.

Firdose Moonda – Second Breakfast Food Truck

Shannon has been simply amazing throughout this exciting but equally scary journey! She has been a listening ear, a motivator, an inspiration, an idea factory, an incredible web designer and lastly, completely honest in a day and age where honesty is hard to come by! She’s not just in this to make a quick buck or two. Shannon is genuinely interested in helping you find what it is that will bring you happiness. She loves what she does and aims to help others do what they love in helping set up dream businesses. Thank you so much – I could never have done this without you!

Leilah Kirsten – A Moment to Move

Shannon is amazing, I’ve received so much clarity on who I want to work with and what I want to do. I enjoyed the personal, casual yet professional manner in which we worked together. I now have a very professional website and communication plan going forward. I feel like I’ve had invaluable “internet”and computer skills taught to me throughout our time together. She was also willing to make changes to her package to suit my individual needs.

Bronwyn Garlick – Don’t Do It Yourself

When starting a business, you tend to only focus on all the logistics and cost implications and not enough on the emotional message and holistic experience you want to offer your customer. Shannon helped me understand the real importance of starting a business, the beauty of it all. My end goal is clear and I feel more confident and driven to get going. I highly recommend it to anyone who wants a more in depth understanding to their business and themselves!

Caylin Groenewald – The Skinny Juice Co

Shannon is friendly and professional and had the ability to hone in on our needs very quickly. She far exceeded our initial expectations. Without her help on this project I doubt we’d still be in business… and the momentum just keeps building. A big big thank you!

Tarryn & Ray – E-commerce shop owners, Deeper Love

I thoroughly enjoyed working with Shannon. She was approachable, helpful and professional and created a flawless website in record time over the busiest season. We now have a beautiful place for our visitors to see all that we offer and I’m positive it will help us get much business in the future.

Talia Oosthuizen – Co-owner at Taju Guesthouse

I connected with Shannon from the moment we met! I’m passionate about my profession and needed someone equally passionate to understand my business. She’s helped me to channel my strengths and taught me how to develop my brand online.

Louise Knoop – Pilates Expert & Business Owner, Prime Movement

So many people have told me how much they love my new website, I didn’t at all expect such a good response. So overwhelmed! Down to the final colours and fonts we chose, I’m in love with my brand, it’s so me.

Jade Morgan – Personal Trainer, Flatout Fitness

Shannon’s straight-forward approach is the very first thing that appealed to me. She is super-efficient and her no-nonsense attitude is a fabulous breath of fresh air. She always ‘says it like it is’ but in the most respectful way. Her logical brain was very much appreciated and her genuine passion for her craft is deeply admired.

Chata Romano – International Image Consultancy

Shannon really does explain things so well, at times I wished I could’ve borrowed her brain! I’m amazed at how organised and on the ball she is, she has definitely been an inspiration to me while setting up my photography business.

Kristi Agier – Kristi Agier Photography

Since going through the Business Clarity Session process with Shannon and making some big changes to my brand, I can definitely say I’ve received a lot more enquiries, which means more bookings on the whole!

Cara Lee – Wedding Planner, The Mosaic Wedding Company

I never realised just how in-depth this work really is. It gave me a much clearer understanding of my goals and that they are by no means impossible to achieve. Shannon had a great understanding of what we needed to do in order to start growing our business. Highly recommended to anyone who has recently started a business and looking for some clarity on how to move forward.

Brett Kirsten – The Skinny Juice Co

Around a year after building the original Retroyspective site Shannon introduced me to her Business Clarity concept which helped simplify my business strategy and professionalise my online portfolio. Basically the new look, feel and idealism has set the Retroyspective brand apart from the rest in a over saturated market. A unique online platform is a rare thing these days.

Troy Davies – Cinematographer, Retroyspective

A straight forward, articulate and encouraging coach, Shannon would encourage me when I wanted to give up. I ultimately decided to work with her because I trust her and she was the only one who was able to articulate and explain what I needed to do clearly. She always had my best interests at heart and I would definitely recommend her services.

Nicole Lee – Health & Wellness Blogger, Olahuna

Shannon opened up a whole new perspective on how I should approach my project. She has a rare skill of being able to unravel complicated scenarios into simple strategies and bring clarity to a mass of seemingly jumbled information. She has amazingly creative and unique ideas and is exceptionally good at communicating concepts.

Karen Johnson – The Elated Vegan