Hello! I’m Shannon & I make websites with a purpose.

My creative process goes something like this:
I dream. I envision. I create. I think big.
I change my mind. A lot. I experiment – with you!
Together we do things different, you and I.

We do it for the love.


We do it ‘coz life is fun and work should be too.
And our work matters. It makes a difference, it changes lives.
It’s golden and it glistens and sparkles and lights us up.
And gives us a purpose.

What’s your purpose?

Like seriously. Why are you here? On earth.
As a human. And not say, a goldfish.


Swimming around aimlessly in a fish bowl, blowing bubbles.
And are you doing everything you can to bring your purpose to life?

Yes you say? Me too! Isn’t it fun? (And scary!)
No? That’s sad. But also cool ‘coz it means new beginnings await you…

So back to my creative process.

It’s quite simple really.
If you need a website and you like my vibe and I like yours then
together we can create something magical!
magical Like I did for these cool people.